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Indian River County Students Working Against Tobacco Learn the Harmful Effects of Tobacco Products

The last few months have been very busy and exciting for the Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) program in Indian River County.

At Oslo Middle School, SWAT learned about healthy and unhealthy lungs from Rob Walsh, an instructor at Indian River State College. Mr. Walsh brought lungs to school and demonstrated a vibrating vest that is used to clear up mucous from patients’ lungs. Students were able to touch the lungs and try out the machine!


Fellsmere SWAT members also participated in a Through with Chew community activity on February 19th. Seven SWAT members from middle school and one SWAT high school student presented to adults at the Tobacco Free Partnership on February 19, 2013. Both students and adults participated in the discussion by sharing the reasons that they don’t use tobacco.  SWAT youth used statistics they have learned, and demonstrated with quotes and pictures why they have chosen not use tobacco.

TFP Meeting

The SWAT program is a Florida initiative designed to empower youth to educate community members on the risks of tobacco and tobacco industry marketing tactics that target underage minors.