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Tobacco Free Partnership Business News: Chive Restaurant Creates Smoke-Free Patios!
August 15, 2014

84% of Floridians do not smoke, yet finding a restaurant that is smoke free both inside and outside is rare, even in our beautiful climate. Since 84% of Floridians do not smoke, a tobacco free property is an amenity that pleases the majority of customers.

The Tobacco Free Partnership of Indian River County is proud to announce Chive Restaurant/Wild Thyme Catering is Indian River’s newest 100% Tobacco Free Business!

Chive Restaurant owners Travis Beckett and Lou Kolbauer display their tobacco free outdoor patio signs.

Owner Lou Kolbauer and Tobacco Prevention Specialist, Leslie Spurlock, developed a worksite policy eliminating employee tobacco use at work and increasing quit support.  “Employees are valuable and so is their health” said Kolbauer, “tobacco use also doesn’t mix with our belief in providing the freshest ingredients and healthiest dining experience for our customers”. 

Employers who provide a tobacco free work site are actually helping employees who want to quit.  A tobacco free work site and cessation policy benefits employers and employees through reduced health care costs, reduced absenteeism, increased on-the-job productivity (less smoking breaks), and reduced life insurance costs.  

The Tobacco Free Partnership provided no smoking/no vaping patio signs for both Chive locations, including their new site which will open this fall in Royal Palm Pointe.  

For more information about your business creating a healthier environment, contact Tobacco Prevention Specialist, Leslie Spurlock at