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Tobacco Free Partnership Member Profile: Robert Johnson, III
June 3, 2016

What is it that makes Robert Johnson, III unique?

Besides driving a vintage car, Rob waited to contact our Tobacco Free Partnership until he was sure he had successfully quit using tobacco. It took years for him to be sure. He wanted to help combat the tobacco industry, but feared even talking about his past tobacco use might trigger a relapse.

Confident at last that he had successfully quit, he joined the Partnership in 2014. He was free from a cycle of tobacco use: an addiction that caused the death of both his mother and grandmother. He talked about their shared emotional history when he represented the Tobacco Free Partnership at a City Council meeting.

Rob also participated in Relay for Life 2015, and he readily stepped up when asked to lead the Partnership’s Relay for Life Team in 2016. Relay was well planned and executed, and as Rob said, “It will be even better next year.”

During the Great American Smokeout, he went out on a limb to promote it, because his immediate supervisor is a smoker.

When Partnership members were asked if they were interested in conducting store assessments, Rob volunteered. We recently received a photo of tobacco displayed next to candy. Although it wasn’t taken in an assigned store, doing the surveys made him look and report it.

Would you be surprised if I stold you Rob Johnson has never attended a Partnership meeting? Rob lives in Indian River County, but works full time in Brevard County. Still, as a member of the Tobacco Free Partnership of Indian River County, he has made many meaningful contributions that have a positive impact on creating a tobacco free community.

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