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Indian River County Students Working Against Tobacco Kick Butts!
March 15, 2017

Local Students Working Against Tobaco (SWAT) kicked butts at Oslo Middle School and Storm Grove Middle School in March!

Kick Butts Day is recognized nationwide as a day to stand out, speak up, and seize control from the tobacco industry. Our local Students Working Against Tobacco showed their peers that tobacco, when used as intended, ultimately kills the consumer.

Whether chalking up the sidewalks at Oslo or creating visuals with empty shoes at Storm Grove, these teens keep busy telling their peers the truth about tobacco use.

Teens are targeted daily by the tobacco industry with flavors, cheap tobacco products, and in-your-face advertising, especially at convenience stores where teens regularly shop. Because most adults do not use tobacco, they don’t think about the advertising and how susceptible teens can be to messages from Big Tobacco.

Big Tobacco continues to promote products to teens online, in stores, and in magazines. Throughout the year, SWAT is the only vocal source of anti-tobacco messaging on campus fighting big tobacco’s messages that encourage teens to try tobacco.


If you want to start a SWAT Club at school, church or youth group, contact Leslie Spurlock, QuitDoc Foundation, at 772-577-3701 or