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SWAT Prepares to Take Down Big Tobacco!
March 18, 2020

Students Working Against Tobacco in Indian River County are not going to fall for Big Tobacco’s tactics. Students across the county have been learning about the harmful effects of nicotine and tobacco use from Indian River County community health leaders. This month, SWAT youth were visited by the Respiratory Care Team from Indian River State College. Youth received hands-on education regarding the dangers of tobacco and e-cigarette use on the lungs and learned about the treatment for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

SWAT youth are dedicated to being the next tobacco-free generation and are supporting Tobacco-Free Kid’s Take Down Tobacco National Day of Action on March 18. Take Down Tobacco National Day of Action is a day of activism for students, teachers, parents, and concerned citizens to stand up to Big Tobacco and their involvement in electronic cigarettes. SWAT youth have spent the school year learning about the dangers of electronic cigarette usage and will now use their knowledge to educate peers on the importance of standing up to Big Tobacco.      

According to the Florida Youth Tobacco Survey, one in four high schoolers reported past 30-day usage of electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes produce an aerosol, not “water vapor,” and can contain harmful chemicals, nicotine, and heavy metals. One of the more popular brands of e-cigarettes, JUUL, has as much nicotine as twenty cigarettes. The long-term health effects of these products are not known; however, SWAT knows that nicotine is harmful to the developing brain.

Big Tobacco companies own several of the popular electronic cigarette brands that are popular among youth. SWAT knows they are up to their same old tactics to addict the next generation. Electronic cigarettes often contain youth appealing flavors to attract youth to use their products. SWAT youth are not going to stand for Big Tobacco’s tactics. SWAT youth are going to take time to educate peers on the dangers of electronic cigarettes and encouraging peers to be the next tobacco-free generation on March 18. If you would like to learn more about the SWAT program and how you can get involved, contact