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SWAT Members Host First Annual Better Decisions Week
May 20, 2022

Students Working Against Tobacco Members at Indian River Charter High School began a new tradition this year, hosting "Better Decisions Week" from May 16-20, 2022. SWAT members wanted to close the school year strong and remind fellow peers to make better decisions this summer. This week, sponsored by the Substance Abuse Free Indian River (SAFIR) Coalition, allowed students to plan and create their first weeklong event. The event occurred during the last full week of school for students to help students kick of their summer and begin thinking about their summer plans.

  The SWAT members set the goal of the week to encourage as many students as possible to think about positive decisions they can make this summer. The SWAT members focused on this goal and developed activities and media that would highlight making better decisions. The focus of the week was the ‘Better Decisions’ bathroom posters distributed throughout the school. These posters, created by a local SWAT member, gave students a quote, riddle, and fact each day. These posters quickly became the search of the day, as students would look to see the changes in the poster each morning. For SWAT members, this was a fun and innovative way to educate peers and get them talking about making better decisions.    

Other days focused on fun activities that the club hosted at school throughout the lunch period. For SWAT members, each day had an activity focused on bring positive change to the community and highlighting the impact of better decisions. On Tuesday, the club held a bake sale to raise funds for a non-profit organization. Wednesday, all students and faculty were encouraged to wear the color yellow in support of better decisions. On Thursday, SWAT held a table at lunch where students were encouraged to write their ‘summer resolution’ focusing on how they were going to make a better decision this summer. These summer resolutions were displayed on a banner in the courtyard. The week closed on Friday, with two students being recognized for their better decisions. Throughout the week, faculty and students were encouraged to nominate students who have gone above and beyond in their daily school life. These two students were recognized with a gift basket and a school-wide announcement.


The efforts of SWAT to make positive impacts on the community will continue throughout the summer, as local leaders undergo training at CADCA to prepare for the upcoming school year. To learn more about the program, or to find out how you can help, please contact Grace Greenberg at