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Engaging the Community: Tobacco Free Partnership of Indian River County Participates in Local Events
March 10, 2023

It has been a great start to the year for the Tobacco Free Partnership of Indian River County. The Partnership has been participating in several local events to engage and educate the community about the dangers of using tobacco. On February 4th, the SAFIR Coalition partnered with the Indian River County School District to host a fun day for the family called the Family Fun Fest in Vero Beach, Florida. The Tobacco Free Partnership of Indian River County saw this as an excellent opportunity to engage the community in a fun environment and represent the Partnership by spreading awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco use.

Along with plenty of exciting tables and booths set up by other organizations and businesses, the Partnership had a table that featured plenty of helpful information about all things tobacco, such as materials that highlight the risks associated with tobacco use and resources to help smokers quit. To go along with the helpful resources, the Partnership gave out gift bags containing some fun gifts for anyone who visited the table.

The turnout for this event was truly amazing and featured so many great speakers that spoke about the different topics that the SAFIR Coalition Workgroups cover. These workgroups talked to the community about the importance of prevention and provided some interesting statistics. The speakers represented underage drinking, prescription misuse, marijuana, and the vaping/tobacco workgroups. The vaping/tobacco workgroup featured Kyleigh Savoie, who spoke about the dangers of vaping/tobacco use and provided plenty of relevant statistics to educate parents and other community members.

The Tobacco Free Partnership is grateful for the opportunity to attend such a great event by the SAFIR Coalition and the Indian River County School District.

In addition to attending the Family Fun Fest, the Tobacco Free Partnership attended the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches 29th Annual BBQ on March 1st. This event gave the community a chance to see what Indian River has to offer with a long list of organizations and businesses that showed up to support the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches. There were plenty of things to do for fun at this event, from K-9 and S.W.A.T. team demonstrations to delicious food and static displays.      

The Tobacco Free Partnership of Indian River County engaged with many great people from the community by informing them about what we have been working on and what we have accomplished. In addition, the Partnership educated the public about second-hand smoke, smoke-free spaces, and other resources that help prevent tobacco use.  

Events that bring the community together, such as this one and the Family Fun Fest, are so crucial for the goals of the Tobacco Free Partnership of Indian River County and are invaluable to building relationships and engaging the community about tobacco. The Tobacco Free Partnership of Indian River County recognizes the importance of being active and engaged in the community to move toward a healthier, tobacco free community.