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Co-Chairs of the Tobacco Free Partnership of Indian River County, Shine at CADCA Midyear
July 17, 2023

Kyleigh Savoie, Communities That Care Coordinator for the Substance Awareness Center and Lt. David Bailey, Indian River County Sheriff's Office Community Affairs Division, made a significant impact at the Communities Anti-Drug Coalition of America (CADCA) Midyear Conference in Grapevine, Texas. Their presentation, titled "What's The Point? Overcoming Barriers in the Fight Against Vaping," provided valuable insights into the strategies used by Indian River County to address vaping among youth. This informative session drew an impressive audience of 250 attendees from across the United States.

The presentation covered various aspects of Indian River County's approach to tackling vaping, including the Chat & Chew events conducted at all local high schools, universal prevention education in all 5th-grade classrooms featuring the Prevention Plus Wellness curriculum, and collaborative efforts with local governments to raise awareness and provide education on vaping within the community.

A standout feature of the presentation was the Sheriff's Office and SAFIR Coalition's Hidden In Plain Sight Trailer—a parent education tool designed to create a hands-on, visual representation of a teenager's bedroom. This tool fosters discussions about various drug-related products, promotes positive interactions between parents and law enforcement, and encourages open conversations between parents and their children about drugs and alcohol.

Kyleigh Savoie and Lt. David Bailey's compelling presentation at CADCA Midyear showcased Indian River County as a model for comprehensive vaping prevention and education strategies that can be replicated in communities nationwide.