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Changing of the Guards: Student’s Working Against Tobacco Aim to Keep the Game Strong in Indian River County
June 10, 2024

Indian River County has an active student body seeking to gain momentum! This quarter, Indian River Charter High School had their presiding president, Hannah Harris, graduate. Hannah has led the chapter over the last several years and brought strong leadership to its members. She is proudly off to aeronautical school and seeks to become a pilot in her future. Hannah didn’t leave, however, without recruiting more students to ensure stability and strength in the Chapter’s fight against tobacco. We will miss her tremendously and look forward to watching her dreams unfold!


In other news, the Indian River Community SWAT chapter has two newly elected Youth Advisory Board Members for Region 4 SWAT. We are pleased to announce Alyssa Coppock and Berkley Barnes will represent South Florida Region 4 on the state level with 2 other SWAT members. They went through several rounds of round table style interviews amongst their peers. It was quite impressive to watch the passion amongst the students as they teamed up to fight for more tobacco-free environments.




This quarter also found one of the SWAT president’s attending several city council meetings to seek Vero Beach in adopting an ordinance for smokefree public parks and beaches. They agreed to place this on their next meeting’s agenda. We are excited to track the progress in Vero Beach!
Whether you're a student, educator, or concerned community member, this newsletter aims to provide you with valuable insights, updates, and resources to empower your efforts in promoting a tobacco-free environment. These are just two chapters in Indian River trying to make a difference for students. We hope you will join them as they work to make this county better!