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Another Successful Year for the Tobacco Free Partnership of Indian River County Draws to a Close
June 4 , 2015

Since QuitDoc began to manage the local tobacco prevention efforts in July 2012, the main goal of the Tobacco Free Partnership has been to increase the number of youth who do not use tobacco.

The good news is that youth tobacco initiation has improved over the past three years. The majority of middle school youth (98.7%) and the majority of high school teens (90.6%) in the 2014 Florida Youth Tobacco Survey (FYTS) did NOT use cigarettes. Over 73% of middle school students reported they were taught about tobacco use in a class at school and over 33% of high school students reported the same.

Tobacco Free Partnership

Quit Doc and its community Partnership took steps to prevent youth tobacco initiation, expand tobacco cessation opportunities, and decrease exposure to second hand smoke by incorporating one or more tobacco control tactics into community strategic plans and policies.

Partners, governments, employers, and non-profits implemented practices and policies to expand community support and institutionalize tobacco prevention as a community issue. For the next three years, the community and Quit Doc will continue to work on preventing initiation among youth and young adults, promoting quitting among adults and youth, and eliminating exposure to secondhand smoke.